Why WhatsApp Is More Popular Than Other Messanger Apps

it's not only your thought even in many other peoples mind this question is roaming . in the earth every internet user knows about whatsapp because its known as most popular messaging app and billions people use this app daily and messages are uncountable.

but question is why only WhatsApp , there are many messaging apps available in app store but why they can't beat whatsapp . there were many messaging apps came and gone but no one can defeat whatsapp .

Quick Info about WhatsApp

whatsapp was founded by Jam Koum and Brian Acton and after some year in 2014 WhatsApp joined facebook but they are also seprate app . every people knows about Facebook its too popular like WhatsApp . the WhatsApp team always try to make WhatsApp more helpful and easy .

according to the blog of whatsapp from more then 108 countries, more than 1 billion people uses whatsapp . when the WhatsApp was devloped , devloper made this app for alternative purpose of messaging app but now its have many amazing features like photo , video , audio, file sharing option and also voice call and video call like amazing features.

whatsapp is a free app . you just need to use your internet data to use it. also it's ads free messaging app so people like this more . whatsapp gives good security to people so people trust on it and on this way WhatsApp made his billions of users.