Top best android apps to bloggers to make blogging easy 2019

Best android apps for bloggers to make blogging easy - hey guys today in this post I will tell you about top best android apps for bloggers.
The number of bloggers are increasing day by day. Also they search tricks for make blogging easy that they can easily moderate pending comments ,posts ,reply for visitors comments and many other works.
In this generation technology is very developed. People can do blogging from their mobile or tablet.
I don't know about other countries, but in India have many people started blogging from mobile and after some days they have bought PC or computer from their earnings from blogging.
On my personal experience, If you are using blogspot or WordPress platform then you can do blogging from your mobile or tablet.
For mobile blogging you need all these android apps installed on your device Because without these apps you can't do blogging easily. without this apps you feel mobile blogging very difficult.
Also many people asked me that " can they are able to do blogging from mobile?" " Does it possible blogging from mobile ?"
This article is not only for mobile bloggers also for all the bloggers. The aim of this article is that how bloggers can make their blogging easy.
This apps help you to make your blogging easy. If you've chosen your interesting topic then I will surely say that you can write best article. So I don't want to waste your time in talking about related topics.
but it was important to tell you about mobile blogging. So let's know about top best apps for bloggers or mobile bloggers.
Top best android app for bloggers for make blogging easy -
[1] WordPress - 70% of bloggers are using WordPress platform for blogging. WordPress has launched their android app for make blogging easy.
All the bloggers absolutely know that the WordPress platform gives them additional features than blogspot. You can do many things from WordPress apk. Its features are following -
  1. You can creat a new post with all kind of media.
  2. you can moderate new comments of your visitors and you can reply their comments.
  3. you can chang the theme of you website.
  4. You can track your sites traffic, by using jetpack plugin.
  5. you can manage multiple sites from a single app.
  6. you can see new notifications of your site.
  7. you can create a new page or edit old pages.
  8. you can read articles of other sites.
  9. you can change plans from here.
  10. you can login in you site, just by your email ( note- for use this feature you have to a jetpack account. )
[2] Blogger - this is a simple apk of google for make their blogging platform easy. all people knows that you can create unlimited free blogs from blogger platform. It's a free platform of google and hosted by Google.
This is very easy platform. All the new bloggers can learn blogging from here. You can easily create blog from your email . You can use following features of blogger apk -
  1. You can create a new post or delete old post.
  2. you can upload pictures from this apk.
  3. you can add your location on your article.
Google have not updated their apk from 2016. So you can use only limited features from this apk.
[3] Notepad - for write article offline you can use this apk. Google play store have many notepad apk you can choose any apk you feel best. This apk is only for writing articles. You can write articles from here and copy this article and past on your website and post this.
[4] Puffin web browser - this is fastest web browser of play store. This browser helps very much to make blogging easy. On blogging most thing is customizing site design by editing html codes and using css .
this browser help you to customize you site design. If you try to customize you site from other browsers from mobile you feel very difficult but in this apk you can easily customize your site. The following features you can use in this apk -
  1. The most popular feature is mouse. This feature make you feel like using desktop. First request to desktop view and after it enable mouse button. You see two option use trackpad or blank. You can choose any one option by your choice. This will help you to edit or customize you site.
  2. you can use flash player on this browser. Its gives you gaming buttons for gaming lovers to make game easy.
  3. its fastest browser, so it gives best browsering experience.
  4. it's gives copy and past button. So you can easily do copy and past.
[5] Picsart - this is a photo editing apk. You can edit your pics from this apk. This is a best photo editing tool of mobile. Its helps you to create photo or future image for your post. On this apk you can edit your personal pictures. The following features it gives -
  1. you can add text on your photos.
  2. you can make college of photos.
  3. you can use all the fonts you like
  4. you can draw on pictures.
  5. you can add pictures in your primary picture.
  6. you can use many of beautiful effects.
  7. you can use callout.
  8. you can crop and adjust your pictures .
  9. you can use many frame's.
  10. you can use many light effects.
  11. you can use stickers.
  12. it gives you best live theme for your mobile.
[6] Quick edit - this is a html file editor apk. If you are using blogspot platform then you face many problems for customizing template and designing.
take a backup of your template and you can edit your template and design your site template. Many of new bloggers face problem of adding custom menu, editing footer , and many problems related theme.
This is very difficult to edit theme on browsers, for make it easy you can use puffin browser or quick edit apk.
Many of browser available in play store like chrome, Firefox etc. But on this browser you can't edit your theme from mobile. So for edit your template use quick edit apk or puffin browser.
[7] Google Adsence - many of bloggers earning source is Adsence. Google have published their Adsence apk for all Adsence users. On this apk you can see today's estimated earning and you can see previous day, week or months earning reports.
It's gives you several features like you can check your all sites traffic, impressions, bid rate etc. So you can see which countries cpc is high and which ads units have high cpc.
it's help you to increase your earnings. You can track which ads unit get high clicks and high cpc and check ctr. You can use following features in Google Adsence apk -
  1. » you can see today's, yesterday, monthly, yearly and life time earnings .
  2. » you can see cpc ( cost per click) , CTR ( click through rate) site pageview, ads impressions, page ctr, bid rate,
  3. » you can check which countries people clicking on ads.
  4. » you can see which ads unite its receiving high click and cpc.
  5. » you can see users are clicking from which device - computer or mobile device.
  6. » you can see latest notification of Adsence account.
  7. I can shortly say you that all the tracking features of Adsence have added in this apk. Only you can not use this feature -
  8. »You can't open full notification.
  9. » you can create any ads unit and can't edit payment information.
  10. » can't change address and personal information.
  11. » can't add new site.
[8] Google analytic - this very nice apk for track you visitor's and your traffic source. You can see real time visitors, old and new visitors numbers. Visitors device - mobile or computer. Your visitors country and many of other traffic related features.
[9] Hitapindic keyboard - every bloggers wants that they have a good keyboard that can understand him. This is a best keyboard for Android that's you can use several of features like - it's can help you on editing template.
Its have a clipboard that can save your copied text. This gives you many sticker . You can adjust size of keyboard. You can change look of your keyboard.
[10] Yander browser -. This is specially famous for Chrome extension . All you know that on desktop you can use extension on chrome and Firefox.
In the previous years you are only able use extensions on only desktop, but now you can use extension on mobile to.
I think you know better about extensions . extensions are very useful for youtubers and bloggers. Extension makes tasks easy.
Select a extension you want o use and install and active this. After installing it click right side menu and click on extensions option and choose your extension for use it and enjoy.
[11] Facebook - you know that Facebook is a most popular social network in world. For best site ranking you must have social signal of your article. You can manage your social profile here and share articles of your website in Facebook for best ranking.
[12] tweeter - tweeter is a second most popular social media site. Don't forget to share your articles in tweeter. The tweeter apk help you to rank on Google.
[13] Google plus - this is a social media platform of google. If you share your post here, google can quickly know about your new article and start crawling your post and this can help you for best ranking on google.
[14] Google Drive - for store your files online, this is a best platform for store your files. You can save 15 GB files for free. For more than 15 GB storage you have to pay for this.
[15] Every Note - many times we have great topic for our next article. But we forgot it so this is solution for this problem. We can note our topic on this apk.

So guys these are top 15 apps must have installed on your mobile or tablet of bloggers. You can manage all thing related to blogging easily through this apps.