How to hide subscriber count in youtube channel

How to hide subscriber count in youtube 👉

 do yo have an YouTube channel and want to hide subscriber count from your channel. On many channel you have seen that you can't see their subscriber count how's possible? This is a feature of YouTube that's you can set up your subscribers visibility to private. After doing this setting only you're able to see your subscriber count. Let's in this post i will guide you how you can do this . It's not much harder you can do it easily . Just follow Bellow given steps .

How to hide subscriber count of your YouTube channel .

1st open any browser like Firefox, chrome or opera mini etc. After that open YouTube on that browser and login with your details. If you're using a smartphone then browse this on desktop mode. You can see this setting on your browser settings.

  [1] Well after successfully login on the top of right corner you see your account on their . Click on that after clicking on that you can see creator studio option there ,click on that option.

  [2] Now you see many options here . In the menu you can see channel option click on that . Now you can see 4 options here . Click on advance.
  [3] after clicking on advance setting a new page will open . Scroll down and here you can see subscriber count option. Click on "do not display number of people subscribed to my channel" and enable this. Now click on save . All things are done. I hop guys you like this tutorial. If you're facing any problem during this setting than comment your problem i will try to solve that.