26 Amazing Facts About Animals , You Will amazed after reading this

What do you think about human life ? is this only limited to human being and their daily jobs ? No . there are many beautiful and amazing things available in our atmosphere that's such a crazy thing . we are surrounded by many beautiful things but we don't know about that because human being are too busy . we do not have time to think out of human being there are many others living being are available on this earth.

Millions of animals species are present in earth and many more are not discovered.  every animal have different characters that makes them something amazing then others . every animal have their some specific characters that don't have on every . today we gonna to findout that specific character..

every thing of our earth is attached to us but we don't know about . out life in stuck in virtual life like social media , gaming , videos , audios and our computer works, doesn't matter . in this post we will know some amazing facts about animals , it's crazy things.

Some Amazing Facts About Animals

#1 Parrot and Hill Myna are only birds who can speak like human.

It's true. both are pet animals and both can speak human language. they pet animals live in human environment ( only for pet ) and they try to copy the words that are mostly used on conversation like - name , food , and some other words which is mostly used on normal conversation.

both are forest animal but people take them to raise and on this way they learn human language.

#2 Elephant are only one animal who can't jump

elephant are nowadays biggest animal in earth and they have very big body so they can't jump.

#3 The whale can't swim on the opposite direction of flowing water.

#4 The blood of grasshopper is white because they don't have hymoglobin on their blood . the himocinin is present on their blood that cause white blood.

#5 the hearing power of dogs are 9X faster then human being.

#6 the horse can take their sleep on feet.

#7 the amount of cholesterol in kangaroos blood are zero

#8 the hens from chilli country lays blue egg.

#9 the hourse can lift 5X more weight than their body.

#10 The heart beat of blue whale is 9 times per minute.

#11 The pig can't see the sky because of their body structure.

#12 Mostly the lion lives on grass area.

#13 In the United States, the weight of Maryland bird weight is 1,600 kg.

#14 Hummingbird is an only bird that can fly backwards too.

#15 The tail of kangaroo always on land that makes balance to stand.

#16 The hight of  new born Giraffe is 6 fit.

#17 Gorilla can digest 40 pounds food in a day .

#18 The age of lion is 20 years and the age of tiger is only 12-13 years.

#19 The upper teeth of goat and cows are absent.

#20 Starfish have nine eyes.

#21 the weight of a healthy fox is 14 pounds.

#22 there is a species of butterfly in Africa , which is famous for his/her poison and he/she can kill 6 cats from his/her poison.

#23 Afghan hounds are most dengerous dog in world.

#24 Elephant can smell water from 3 mile away.

#25 there are 12000 eyes found in a butterfly.

#26 squaral can't see red coloure .