10 best tips for fixing mobile overheating problem

Mobile heating problem is a biggest problem of android users. Probably every android user face this problem, but we don't have to ignore this problem because this can harm our mobile and us too.
Many people avoid this problem but it's not good for our mobile and us both ,because mobile heating can cause mobile blast so we have to take care about our self .
We can buy a new mobile if our mobile would be damaged but we can't recover our any body parts .
In the starting of this problem, this is not too much harmful but this is not fair to don't worry about it .
This is time to fix this problem before this can be a biggest problem. For fixing this problem we have to understand why mobile is heating ?

10 main reasons why our mobile heats and How to fix mobile overheating problem

Here i have mentioned 10 main reasons of mobile heating problem with their solutions.

[1] Using mobile during charging -

many of smartphone users have charging problem so tboughte their mobile during charging. this can cause mobile overheating problem and this will be harmful for our mobile.
Using mobile during charging is harmfull for bettery life .if we continuslly do this then we can loose our good charging capacity and we will face battery life problem because this can damage battery life .
So we should not have to use mobile during charging .

[2] using a damaged charger -

many times our charger get broken and we don't buy any new charger . we fix that charger and use continually .
This is not good for our Mobile's battery life . If we do this we have to face mobile overheating problem so never use damaged charger.

[3] playing heavy games for long time -

i am a gaming lover and many of android users too. They like to play heavy games on their device. It's good but playing game for long time isn't good.
it's use too much CPU and RAM then we face mobile overheating problem .
I am not telling you to just stop playing game. I am just asking you to don't play games for long duration. during playing any game, if you feel that your mobile is heating then give some rest to your mobile and never charge your mobile when your mobile is heating.

[4] Mobile gone old -

some times after if our mobile gone older then we face mobile overheating problem. This is a common problem after mobile got old .
After buying a new mobile some times later over mobile use too much spaces and RAM and CPU so we face mobile overheating problem so keep your mobile malware free.
free some space and try to do factory data reset in 2 or 3 month period (Not - on factory data reset, your all mobile data will be deleted ). Also uninstall unusual apps and close all unwanted background running apps .

[5] Removing battery again and again (only on battery removable devices ) -

many of battery removable device gives single sim slot and we have more than 1 sim so we have to change sims many times .
On this process (continually removing and placing battery ) battery copper plate will shot and there store some carbon so we face low battery capacity problem and mobile overheating problem.
I'm trying to say you that don't remove your mobile battery many times.

[6] keep enabled wireless network always -

this is age of technology and we have many latest techniques. We use wireless networks like - Bluetooth, wifi, internet connections .
These may use too much CPU for better performance . To keep enabled these for long duration can cause mobile overheating problem so keep disabled these network, when their no use have us.

[7] using damaged battery -

many times our mobile battery got damaged during mobile fall down or other conditions. This can heat our mobile .
mainly the old mobiles have this problem so if you think your mobile is heating by this reason then replace your battery with a new battery .

[8] using too many battery hunger apps -

many apps have to keep running in background for their performance like many battery saver apps .
These apps use too much CPU and our charge so we face mobile heating problem by these harmful apps .
Never use these types unwanted apps, which are enabled 24 hours .

[9] Multitasking -

nowadays all android users love multitasking ,we can use multi apps in the same times to make our work easy .
When their uses are complete we forget to close them and they continually use our charge and CPU to.
so we face mobile heating problem. Close all these types background running app which are not useful now.

[10] storage will be full -

all android users download many apps, music's, videos and many other files and their storage is going to be full , so our mobile is starting to hang and heat . So keep clean your storage.
Conclusion - i hope you have understood that how to fix mobile overheating problem . If you have baught a new mobile and facing mobile overheating problem then don't take times to replace it.

If you have any doubt or any problem regarding this topic comment bellow your problem .