Mortal will play his last compatative match at PMSC

are you mortal fan? who is not a fan of mortal and every indian gamers know about him. if you don't know about him that you're not a gamer in india. Mortal is pro pubg player and he has biggest fan following in YouTube.

The real person behind this name is Naman. who runs mortal named youtube channel and he streams pubg mobile gameplay video. his team name is Team Soul. recently he played PMCO tournament in Berlin. he performed good but his team didn't got 1st position. there were many pro teams from many countries were playing so it was not easy to get first place.

befor this PMCO pubg tournament team soul had played another PMCO match. where they got their first win in Pubg mobile international tournament. this is the way mortal's in pubg mobile esport gaming.

After PMCO match mortal publicly announced that he will take a small break from Esport tournament. Recently on a interview of Road to the PMSC he told that this will be his last tournament after that he will focus on youtube streaming.

that doesn't mean that Mortal won't play pubg tournament in future but he has taken a short break.

In this PMSC tournament there are many teams will play. team soul is one of them. the lineup of team soul is Mortal, Owis, Ronak, Viper, and theRawknee.

if you are one of mortal fan then don't miss this tournament starting from 6-7 September. I am one of mortal army. support him together.

here is the list of team who will play PubG mobile PMSC tournament.